Transition Means Your Heart Stays the Same


Max Appenroth and Vered Berman; illustrated by Charli Vince


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Noa’s Dad Quinn used to be Noa’s Mom Carol. Quinns outside appearance has changed, but his heart stayed the same. This is a story about Noa and their Mom Carol, who later transitions to being their Dad, Quinn. It is about experiencing the transition of a loved one through the eyes of a child. Children’s books with trans specific and trans empowering content are rare, especially stories about a transitioning parent or family member. This book wants to change the way children learn about loved ones who are trans, and offer strategies for grown-ups to talk with children about gender diversity. The book is geared at four to seven-year-olds, and will include a section for parents at the end of the book with examples helping to explain bodies, hormones, trans and gender diversity to children.

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34 pages
21 × 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-96395-032-2