The History of Siemens Healthineers


Stefan Dirnberger, Katharina Schroll-Bakes, Manuel Schusser und Ingo Zenger



In the mid-nineteenth century, when Germany was on the brink of becoming a modern industrial society, the pioneering age of medical technology dawned. Inventors started setting up their own companies so that they could make their ideas a reality. The roots of Siemens Healthineers reach back to this time – to a few small workshops that would eventually grow into global businesses. This book recounts the history of Siemens Healthineers in ten chapters and through a rich collection of images. It primarily focuses on the events that had the greatest impact on both the company and on global progress in medical technology – from the early days of electromedicine to the development of high-end systems, and from the Great Depression of the 1920s to the entry of Siemens Healthineers into the DAX, Germany’s leading share index, in 2021.

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Halbleinenband mit zahlreichen Abbildungen
232 Seiten
24 × 29 cm
ISBN 978-3-96395-030-8